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Candy Wrappers

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Candy Wrappers

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Nuggets and Miniatures


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Weddings are life's most precious moments.

Matt Photography aspires to capture
these fleeting scenes of joy and bliss in a mixture of evocative black & white
and vivid colour shots.



online wedding accessories shop.



One Great George Street

This is an historical Westminster wedding reception and conference venue in central London.



Weddings Candy Wrappers

for Hershey’s? 40g Chocolate Bars, Kit Kat?Snack Size 2F Chocolate, Van Houten?50g Chocolate Bars, Cadbury?and all other brands of Chocolate Bars.


Make your sweetest occasions into your sweetest memories! Take a look at some of our samples that can make your special day all that more enchanting!


There are too many samples to upload to my webpage. If you don't see something you like here,  contact me to discuss on your wedding theme for customization. To order, click here.

Rose Profusion Pink Profusion Blue Profusion
Purple Rose Bouquet Teal Rose Bouquet Buttery Rose
Calla Lilly Calla Lilly II Dahlia
Pretty In Pink Gerber Daisy Magnolia
Gown Gown (ecru) Evening Gown
Gown (blushing) Interwind Pink Hearts
Blue Hearts Silver Hearts Purple Hearts
Teal Hearts Gold Hearts Mint Hearts
Timeless Love Pink Satin & Pearl Ivory Satin & Pearl
Gold Satin & Pearl Blue Satin & Pearl Swan Heart
Our Wedding Day Western Wedding Silver Toast

Golden Toast

Wedding Attire (front)

Wedding Attire (back)

                                                                                                                                                   …and view many more customers' designs at My Photo Album!


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